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ATI Xpress 200 driver install [solved]


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Ok so here's the deal... I had no problem installing the ATI drivers from website on 2007.0 but on 2007.1 I get this


Detected version of X does not have a matching 'x720' directory

You may override the detected version using the following syntax:

X_VERSION=<xdir> ./ati-driver-installer-<ver>-<arch>.run [--install]


The following values may be used for <xdir>:

x430 XFree86 4.3.x

x430_64a XFree86 4.3.x 64-bit

x680 X.Org 6.8.x

x680_64a X.Org 6.8.x 64-bit

x690 X.Org 6.9.x

x690_64a X.Org 6.9.x 64-bit

x700 X.Org 7.0.x

x700_64a X.Org 7.0.x 64-bit

x710 X.Org 7.1.x

x710_64a X.Org 7.1.x 64-bit

Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.JH4355


It says I can replace but am baffled at what it says right here


" You may override the detected version using the following syntax:

X_VERSION=<xdir> ./ati-driver-installer-<ver>-<arch>.run [--install] "


Can someone break it down for me on how exactly to override so I can install the drivers for my card off the site? Thanks.

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Guest eyemean
Nevermind I got it to install by using --buildpkg and built a package for Mandriva 2007 and it installed fine. Thanks anyways.

Hi there, I can across your error mesage and i seem to get the exact same error when i try to install the Ati driver for my 9550 graphics card. Im trying to get dual screen to work on mine, lol.


I'm about 2 days new to Mandriva, so i dont have a clue about --buildpkg, so was wondering if you could walk me through the commands you had to do in order to successfully install the driver on yours please.


Thank you in advance.

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