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2006 Kernel upgrade [solved]

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I have never updated the kernel since I install Mandriva 2006. Right now uname -a shows:


Linux sluggy 2.6.12-12mdk #1 Fri Sep 9 18:15:22 CEST 2005 i686 Pentium III (Katmai) unknown GNU/Linux


This is the stock kernel. I looked at the Advisories, and they list 12 choices for a kernel upgrade. It is not at all clear to me which package I should install. This is the list :


b7c0334ecb73bb3b14173ef4dcdfa51b 2006.0/i586/kernel-

8307e34d54134ab5cb41833d1b9d7742 2006.0/i586/kernel-BOOT-

d329fdf03e99dfa15b08bb7c2791ed37 2006.0/i586/kernel-doc-

3cf6a4198f43493932ea8251d4ee82dc 2006.0/i586/kernel-i586-up-1GB-

c03817495740a0e9b1420f0991baf47f 2006.0/i586/kernel-i686-up-4GB-

3e96d0ad0b5637d62db5233ca2df7d47 2006.0/i586/kernel-smp-

65e1e7c5c155045d52474444870b13d3 2006.0/i586/kernel-source-

9b62d79a9503c6f0db71166409c48c39 2006.0/i586/kernel-source-stripped-

553faeda754e6007c592aa5ba5c48ea0 2006.0/i586/kernel-xbox-

4ee72a08f25d24ee409fdab7c8ec4f17 2006.0/i586/kernel-xen0-

53304c8f505a4cbac0ac9a2ff01b379b 2006.0/i586/kernel-xenU-

d7a287562aed00fbc8167aa55bbb3bb9 2006.0/SRPMS/kernel-


I know I don't want the source, or ones for xen, but it still leaves about 5 choices.

How do I know which one to pick? :wall:


Do I need the one marked kernel-BOOT or just plain kernel, or i586 version?



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kernel-i586-up-1GB- if you have up to 1 GB RAM on your computer (the most widely used kernel)


kernel-i686-up-4GB- if you have a computer with more than 1 GB RAM


kernel-smp- if you have a dual or quad-core computer.

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