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Display resolution on new Mandriva Install[solved]


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I am absolutely new to Mandriva and loaded it up on a computer. When I run the KDE environment I can't get screen resolution any higher than 640 by 480. When I try to use the hardware configuration program "Change screen resolution" or "Configure your monitor" I just get an error message: "This program has exited abnormally".


I tried to install a new video driver but that didn't work out either. This computer has an NVIDIA graphics chip set.

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And I have a problem in setting refresh rate of my Sony CPD E-230 to 100 Hz with 1024x768 after I successfully installed ATI Proprietary Driver ver. 8.33.6 on my Radeon X800Pro. After I did some modifications to my xorg.conf the highest setting I have is 1024x768@85 Hz, although there is an option of 100 Hz, but it's not working. Anyone encountered a similar problem?

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85 is more than good enough for a CRT Monitor.

Your eyes will NEVER see the difference between 85 and 100.

Chasing 100 will truly be a waste of time and if you do it will be only because you want it to be the max for the sake of being max.

A lot of the lower refresh rates is because the developers/programmers know full well from their long experience that the max rates are not necessary for efficiency, and the lower rates are better for monitor reliability and longevity.

Cheers. John.

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