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Annvix 2.0


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Vincent Danen has announced the release of Annvix 2.0, a Mandriva-based, server-oriented and security-enhanced Linux distribution: "Today marks the fourth public release of the Annvix Linux distribution. It was exactly 50 weeks ago when 1.2-RELEASE was made available; this version is the fruit of almost a year's worth of hard work. Some of the new features include: kernel with RSBAC and AppArmor support; updated services including PHP 5.2.0, MySQL 5.0.27, PostgreSQL 8.2.1, and Apache 2.2.4; a greatly enhanced installer; a completely overhauled init system; the use of the tcb suite for authentication; the use of apt-rpm as the default package manager...." More details in the release announcement

source: Distrowatch

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