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Beryl 0.2.0 RC1 Released


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Beryl 0.2.0 RC1 Released


Feb 1, 2006 -- Yeah it is out. This is a preview release of the upcomming Beryl 0.2.0 which has been branched off into its more or less final form minus a couple bug fixes. It does have a couple known bugs, so be aware. The 3D animations and heliodor still doesn't play nice all the time and Nvidia users will still experience the same tired black window bug (driver issue). Also there has been a slight change to how beryl-xgl is produced, so if your package doesn't have the beryl-xgl binary, poke your package maintainer for a fix.


Major Changes from 0.1.5:


* Window Thumbnail Plugin

* Group With Tabs Plugin

* Ring Switcher

* Better Placement Algorithms

* Better Multihead Support

* Snapping Windows without Wobbly

* Show Desktop has been replaced with Fade Desktop

* Easier to use Configuration Frontend

* 3D Animation Effects

* Support Jpeg Image Format

* Focus Stealing Prevention Work

* Better Memory Usage

* many many smaller things...


Users can expect the release to hit repos within the next couple days depending on your distribution. Hopefully this will be the first and only release candidate between now and 0.2.0. A more complete changelog can be found on Trac.

--The Beryl Team

The original announcement is here.

You can watch how it will work



source: hup.hu

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