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I am not sure where to put this......

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But a strange problem has popped up.......

Last week and a half, if my Linux machine is not used regularly

it wont connect to the network, and programs load VERY slowly.....


I run Folding@Home on there, and run Apache web server for a small site,

my Fold clients I run nice -1, I have done this since I been running Folding.

The install is not very old, and the kids do like some of the games, but they

have been playing on there since I started using Linux on this machine and,

Like I said before, this problem has just started.......

Any ideas what might be happening?????


System Specs:

Abit BP6 366@561mhz

Linksys 10/100 NIC

Voodoo 3 2000 PCI

WD 8.4gig HDD (linux install HDD)

Seagate 3.2gig HDD (win98 install)

350 watt PSU

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The first thing you can do is run 'top' to see if there is some resources eater running in your machine. Also a 'free' report to see how is your memory working might help

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Ok did that, the only thing I see hogging the CPU's is Folding, which is

nothing new.......

Plenty of ram left free.....

I had to reset the router recently, and then I changed the DHCP client

lease time to it's max setting, I just changed it back to 0, 0=1 day.

Now I will see if this is the problem........


Thanks for your help......

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