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The Nouveau project aims to provide "Open Source 3D acceleration for nVidia cards". Though in its current state the driver is far from ready and is only for developers Phoronix tested it. The 2D features are mostly working but the 3D is mostly uncomplete. A few days ago Nouveau was merged in the mainline drm and MESA git trees and will be a part of Xorg 7.3.

Since Nouveau gets no support from Nvidia they can only reverse engineer the official Nvidia driver. It expected to be much slower than the official drivers but it will be enough for desktop purposes. It will support technologies like SLI which only recently got supported in the official driver. And it will support PowerPC too, currently not supported by Nvidia. You can help the project by using Renouveau.

Renouveau is a tool to find out information about the inner workings of NVidia GPUs. It does this by mmap()ing the address space of the Nvidia card into its own address space and monitors the Command FIFOs and registers of the graphic card.
(See how.)

The first usable version of Nouveau is expected in summer-autumn of 2007 or the release of Xorg 7.3 according to Keith Packard.

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