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Winetools cannot run with Wine older than 20050628


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"Winetools cannot run with Wine version older than 20050628"- This message popup-ed today, when I removed wine 0.9.24 and installed 0.9.27 (from source tarball), and installed winetools from tarball, and tried to start it. With wine version 0.9.24 had no troubles?? This is from terminal:

[nik@localhost ~]$ wt

detecting Wine version... done.

Drive C: is /home/nik/.wine/drive_c

Wine 0

wine is executed as wine

Parameters are --noexit

Browser is /usr/bin/firefox.

WINEVER is "0".

[nik@localhost ~]$

Any ideas how to fix that? With wine 0.9.24 winetools worked quite well

Thanks in advance

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Maybe you need to find a later version of winetools as well to go with your later version of wine.


You need to forget winetools for now- they break the latest wine versions very badly, and they seem not being actively developed. Look for example here although the winehq mailing lists are full of winetools bashing.

Just "winecfg" and go on...

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