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Help to free Ryzom


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Free Ryzom!


Help us make Ryzom a Free MMORPG! Donate now to help us purchase the source code, artwork and other game data associated with Ryzom, so we can breathe new life into it as an open, democratically run player project.


What are we doing...


Until now, Nevrax has produced Ryzom, as a typical commercial software company. Nevrax, not the players, decide what direction the virtial world of Ryzom takes. We want to turn this model on it's head and give players control over the virtual world their character's inhabit. We want to purchase the source code, game data, and artwork, so that we can further develop it by placing it under a Free Software license. Once this is accomplished we would reopen the universe of Ryzom to players and have it function and further developed under democratic controlled basis.

More on ryzom.org. Currently they don't accept money yet, but you can make donation pledges if you're willing to donate.


If you don't know The Saga of Ryzom, you can watch some videos here.


source: hup.hu

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Ryzom remains closed.



I have bad news this time. Our offer to buy Ryzom and release it a Free

Software MMORPG has been declined by the court.


At the end, there were three offers presented, and the other two were

bigger than our's. They are keeping more employees than we do, and

offer more money. We should get the details of the other offers soon,

so we should be able to know more more then. In the meantime, I would

like to personally congratulate the winner, Gameforge, and I wish them

good luck.


However, even if a conventional company is winning the bid here, the

campaign is still a success. It has made a lot of noise on the Net, it

has been covered by mainstream medias, we have found two FOSS

investors, we have got the backing of the FSF, 170 K€ of donation

pledges have been registered, and – perhaps the most important – we

have found we were not alone dreaming having of own our A-Grade MMORPG,

of owning a world.


We are currently discussing how we could still achieve that. If you want

to join us, please come and take a seat in our boards:






On behalf of the Ryzom.org community.



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