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DHCP issue [solved]


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On one of my systems, I have discovered a problem relating to DHCP.


Specifically, it is retriving information from the router via DHCP when it is explicitly told not to, according to the settings in the Control Center. Retrieving DNS, YV and NTPD servers via DHCP are all NOT checked, yet it is pulling in the secondary DNS server and overwriting resolv.conf even after I made that file read-only.


The issue with resolv.conf:


SEARCH has a period at the end of the domain, example: system.mandrivausers.org.

NAMESERVER (address of router - manually input in Control Center)

NAMESERVER (secondary DNS retrieved via DHCP)


I su into root, edit resolv.conf to remove the ending period in the search domain and remove the secondary DNS, since the router will query as needed, then save the file.


Everything is fine until the next system boot. Upon the next system boot, the resolv.conf is back to where it was previously as shown above, even after the file was made read-only.


If a file is made read-only, it should not have been touched, correct?


before read only:  -rw-r--r--

after read-only:  -r--r--r--


I also looked at the network settings on my other system and they are both the same. I cannot understand why the other system is working as desired (without having to fiddle with resolv.conf), yet on this system, it continues to overwrite my changes.


Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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There's no real way to convert filesystems as such, but if you have space, easy enough to create a partition, copy the data across, and then ensure it uses this after a reboot, then you can delete the old partition, and allocate this space for something else, etc.


Or move the data back after creating a partition with the new file system in the space that's just been freed up, and then copying it back again.

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