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New Introversion game: Defcon


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Remember the old days when every game was a unique experience? Have enough of FPS/TPS/RTS etc ? Search no more. There is still (at least) one company which knows how to make small but addictive games. Those who never heard the name Introversion may heard about their earlier games Uplink and Darwinia. Both have unique story and addictive playing experience. Their new game is almost out. The official release date is 29th of September. You can preorder on thier site for $17.50 or €14 or 10 pounds. These prices are only for the preorder though.

Introversion is one of the few game developer studios which supports Linux and makes their game run natively on Linux.

The game is strategy about being the the one who looses the lesser in a thermonuclear war. The game is called Defcon. There is no demo yet but you can watch two videos on their video site. According to the Defcon forum the Linux binary won't make it to the CD but it will be freely downloadable after the release. There was no specified time when will it be available though.

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