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something weird... need advice! [solved]


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I have 2pcs at home and each of them is connected simultaneoulsy on Internet via a router.

One is running linux(mandriva 2006) and the other is running windows.

Today while i noticed something weird:

I noticed that on both my pcs, there was a log file: "hs_err_pidxxxxxx.log"; where xxxx is an interger value

On the linux, it was present on my home folder and on the windows one, it was on the desktop.


When i opened it on a text editor, the main header on each was: "An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine".

And then there were many data and binary numbers about my pc...it listed the hardwares, the system running on each and some more data which i cannot interpret.


I found this unusual but i don't know if it something to worry about??

Please can you advcie me?



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Yeah, i have the latest Java envirinment installed...

But it's weird, how can that log be present on both??

Never used applets at same time..


But anyways, from your link i guess that it not serious ;)

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