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Configuring VNC server in Mandriva

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I used to use suse linux and the tight vnc is pre-configured so you can access the current desktop similar to a windows VNC connection. So this means the user can share his/her desktop with the vnc conection.


In mandrake this seems to not happen, I have had issues configuing and running vnc server. I have a small laptop with not much memory so when I configured XVNC, and wrote the .wmrc to KDE suddently my computer got stomped by lots of processes it seems that when XVNC starts, it tries to run KDE from scratch so I got kded running like crazy on 2 different areas from top.


This caused me to kill Xvnc to get my computer back to normal, I want to really understand how to properly configure VNC on my desktop so I can share my desktop and users also have the option of bring a new one when inserting a different terminal.




So far I have done this instructions with the same results:


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