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Guest spouting lava

how to uninstall Mandriva? :huh: [solved]

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Guest wb4ttz

The problem that you are having is related to the boot order in your BIOS.


You should go into the BIOS setup, and configure it so that it boots from the floppy, CD-ROM, and the hard disk, in that order. Then, you can boot with a bootable CD in your drive, and no floppy, it will boot from the CD.


From there, if you have loaded your winxp CD in the drive, you will get to the character mode portion of the XP install, which copies parts to the HD, then boots the HD to finish the install.

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When xp boots from the cd, you should get an option to partition the drive. Erase everything and repartition. Then format the partition being used for install. And zeroing the drive will make it factory blank. So this also will work.

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Right, DOS doesn't suit, but boot floppy created in My Computer (wich is somehow modified DOS) is 100% working, did it myself thousend times.


Curious to learn how- because it does NOT work for me, and in theory it shouldn't (it's just a modded MS-DOS 6.22 boot floppy). On the other hand, the floppy on the link I passed does work, as happens with Bart's boot floppies.


Well, i checked this again (didn't install XP for about a year), maybe i just forgot somethig - I used a boot floppy created in Win98, and you aren't right:

a quote from http://freepctech.com/pc/002/files010.shtml

Note 1:

A lot of people appear to be unaware of the fact that you do NOT need the 4, 5 or 6 setup disks in order to install Windows 2000 and XP. A common Win98 boot disk such as the Boot Disk Essentials diskette below can be used to install these OS's. This is what the Win XP System Setup Disk above does. Here's how to do it:




Start the computer with your chosen boot disk.



Change to the cdrom drive.



Go into the \i386 directory on the cdrom.



Run WINNT.EXE to begin the install process.


Checked - works...

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Guest spouting lava

Thanks for all your help. Since Dos didn't work for me, Iwas thinking about other approaches. I tried fdisk again with the Dos boot disks created in win98 and win2000, but cannot installed wins. Then, I installed Mandrake Linux to restore the window bootloader, but Mandrake wouldn't let me do it. Finally, I used fdisk, then used a win2000 CD => installed successfully. Problem solved and thanks for everyone's help. :)


Sorry, I had a typo in the third sentance of my last reply. I meant win98 and winXP CD's, but not win98 and win2000 CD's.

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