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Virtualization Question...

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VMware server can create virtual machines and run them. It's $ free (legally).


It has a very nice GTK+ gui and is easy to use. You just need to get past the install phase which will require you having kernel source and compiler tools available.

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What's complicated about Parallels? I fail to notice...

VMWare is as "complicated" as Parallels- it does need to build a couple of kernel modules to work, but then every single piece of hardware which is not directly integrated into the kernel does the same. Once you have gcc and kernel headers installed (and every serious Linux distro provides both right out of the box) setting it up takes less than one minute.

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VMware needs to run some code in the kernel to reinterpret code from your physical processor. In Windows, you would install a driver to do this (the windows vmware install does this for you). The process on linux is a little bit more involved as you have to 'compile' the driver yourself.


Best idea is to download it: http://www.vmware.com/products/server/ and try and follow the install procedure. If you run into specific problems, ask here. Once you have it installed, it's a very nice easy to use program. I have no idea what you mean by 'w/ Paralles' (sic?) so can't compare.

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