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Shutdown Video whacked!


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I certainly got your point, scarecrow!

But if there were more: "fairly straighforward/ trivial to use tools, like vi/nano/mc and clean, well-commented initscripts and configuration files, with complex and unnecessarily fussy GUI-based administration modules and "wizards", which never let you know if you have done something right." then many Wind Blows converts would probably never find their way to Mandriva. Maybe they would prefer Xandros or whatever. Btw, I saw the latest Xandros at the Linux Tag. I don't want to use it, but was impressed how much it progressed in the last year or so. It looks and feels so much like Wind-Doze, I wouldn't be surprised if someone might start a racket selling it as a new Win-Doze-Version! lol.


If I didn't care so much for good GUI's and were a guru like you, maybe I would want to try Debian. But since I'm an ordinary user with an unimportant PhD in digital technology and don't make a living from being an administrator, Mandriva is much more like what I can manage and keep under my control. Better than the computer controlling me.

Maybe I'll see it differently in the future, but it will certainly take a few more years before knowing enough to change my mind.



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A ain't a guru, and I'll never be one (poor knowledge of the subject, and more interested in the practical side of Linux- not the theoretical one).

But I'm not afraid of the CLI, quite simply because my experience so far with Linux has teached me that in the right distro, CLI is the simplest and most effective way to manage things. That simple.

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