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What do you use your systems for?


What do you use your Linux systems for?  

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  1. 1. Choose, based on which you use most.

    • Office (Writing, Web, Image manipulation)
    • Gaming
    • System development (e.g. Cooker project)
    • Server station
    • Multimedia station (MP3 box, Video editing,...)
    • Other
    • Several of the above (discuss below)

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Guest silverback011

Scientific workstation here also. For me this mostly involves data structure manipulation, C coding, Fortran, HTML, minimal scripting, document prep (LaTex), also heavy e-mail/networking/web interface use.


I am running on a Intel Centrino laptop. All my processor intensive work is done on a dedicated machine, also linux.

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being a college student my home syste, is used for everythnig and then some.


I game (Doom 3, WoW, Guild Wars), I do all my school work (presentations, papers, programming), I watched movies, I listen to music, I develop my webpages (graphics, code) and I run an ssh server so I can have remote access to all my work (get to campus, realize I forgot to upload something, sftp in and get it). And I run gentoo ~x86, so technically I'm always testing stuff ;) (though, ~x86 is extremely stable).

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me, i'm just a home user, and use my boxes for all the usual home user stuff, including games (quake2, vegastrike, (broken sword and broken sword 2 through scumm vm)) + all the lovely little kde games etc (i do love crack attack though lol)).

photo's, email, internet....... you know the usual "everything".

and i must say it answers all my needs (basic though they my be).

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Hello Arctic,


You forgot one answer: "All of the above, and more."

My "nomade" is just a terminal, so usually nothing with it apart from connecting to "sedentaire".

My "sedentaire" is where all happens: web development/testing, gaming, enjoying video/music, servers (web, mail...), and so on...

And then there's "salon", where I only view DVDs, record TV, and burn the records.



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