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Getting started with C++

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As long as you stick to standard C++ code and don't use any "special" header files/functions (such as something MS added in) you can compile C++ on just about every platform in existence. It's probably one of the widest spread languages out there (except maybe assembly, and possibly C)

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KHow do you install the INTEL C++ 9.0 Compiler?


when I enter ./install, it just takes me to the menu with 5 options


1a Readme

1b Release Notes

1c Installation

1d Support site

1e Home site


or something similar.


then it just keeps looping, it never takes me to the install wizard.


I downloaded the tar file from Intel, and installed the kernel and the C development tools from Mandriva CDs.


I requested the Serial Number from the Intel site.


I downloaded Eclipse for Linux, but it looks like it only has the Windows exe file.


Has anybody else installed the compiler?





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have you tried using the MCC (Mandriva Control Panel) to install Eclipse.


You can select the Environment eg: Name: eclipse-cdt


And it will install all the related files for you.


I use Kdevelop.. not eclipse so just giving ideas.


You have to, have set up your sources as these files are not included on the CD´s i think.

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