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Can't get wireless NIC working


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I have Compaq Presario 700z, D-Link DWL-650+, Mandriva 2006. I have done all updates & patches. The Control Center reports that I have a USR2210 22Mbps Wireless PC Card. I moved the latest Windows drivers for this card to the ndiswrapper folder. When I use the configuration tool and am asked to choose an ndiswrapper driver, I choose "Use the ndiswrapperdriver airplus". Then I get a message, "Unable to find the ndiswrapper interface", If I choose "Install a new driver", it tells me the same.


The built in eth0 nic works fine and the dlink card works fine with a windows machine.


Any ideas?



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I'm not familiar with the tips & tricks section. I'll look for it. Also, I believe I have the latest version of ndiswrapper. I did an easyurpmi and went through the update in the control center. I am quite new to linux, and not well versed in program updates or much else. Any detailed tips you might have would be wrlcome.



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I had the same issue under Mandriva 2006 free. If I used "Set-up a new network interface" under netowrk and control panel withing "configure your computer"


I managed to get this working by manually configuring this through the konsole.


Go to the console and:


su to switch to root user


ndiswrapper -l this will list installed drivers

ndiswrapper -e followed by each driver listed to remove each driver

mdiswrapper -l make sure the list is blank


Download a driver for your card from


Use a driver from here if posiable as these are verified drivers, extract and save this in a folder Download for example


At the console prompt change to the directory where you copied the driver too


ndiswrapper -i filename.inf instal driver (Specify your driver .inf file)

ndiswrapper -l to ensure your driver is listed


Now you should see something like, showing your driver if not we have an issue!:

Installed ndis drivers:

bcmwl5 driver present, hardware present


now at the konsole enter:


ndiswrapper -m

depmod -a

modprobe ndiswrapper



You will then need to configure your IP addressing etc. Select the "configure your interface line"




Hope this helps


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Thanks for the advice. I did what you said, after the modprobe command I did a iwconfig command and got the following:


lo no wireless extensions.


eth0 no wireless extensions.


sit0 no wireless extensions.



No wlan0. Am I doing something wrong?

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Also, I don't know how to look at log files to see results of things.  That website you refferred me to says to do that.


Type dmesg at a command prompt and look for relevant lines (there will be lots of stuff returned by dmesg - you could try "dmesg | grep -i ndiswrapper" (without the quotes) but it may lose some important info).

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