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XUL is the PC and "It"' can be delivered over the internet

uh? i don't understand...

they are not going to sell computers

you don't need a computer to do the things most people do online

you need :

internet connection (high-speed)


keyboard / touch screen

a sun ray client type thing

some kind of google / ajax / xul backend and the browser becomes the OS

they don't want to make or sell the thing they just want to be thing that makes the thing work .

at the same time it can run on windows desktops as a browser . your calendar, pictures , email , maps. word speed shets and more ... all in the same place . fire up the "google xp browser" and you are right where you left off last logon no matter where in the world or on what thing you were on . the ultimate thin client ,, for now

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no offense but

you're a geek

most people don't want to mess with a computer all they want to do is get online ,email, chat ,that stuff

maybe burn a cd at most

we "geeks" are in the minority .

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