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Sound Problems [solved]


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Every time I install a new version of Mandrake/Mandriva I seem to have the same problem. But for some reason the solution this time has escaped me.


I just upgraded from 10.1 to 2006. I use an ISA Sound Card (Soundblaster) so it never got picked up by the 2006 install (as well as the 10.1 install).


The solution was to go into a terminal and type sndconfig. It would then ask you what sort of sound card you have etc etc and then, finally, you would hit the okay button and Linus Torvalds would speak over your speakers saying "Hello my name is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Linux as Linux".


And then it was supposed to be okay. But not this time.


I must have done sndconfig at least a dozen times today and each time it is done Mr Torvalds DOES speak through my speakers loud and clear. The problem is, however, that if I try to play a sound file, nothing happens.


I play ogg files through Totem so I went to my ogg repository and selected a favourite album. Off Totem goes playing happily away to itself - expect there is no sound. So according to KDE I have an operating sound system except there is no sound coming out.


I've gone into the KDE Control centre and clicked away at the sound system. When it says "Select the audio device" in the hardware section it doesn't seem to have any device that represents a legacy ISA card.


So the situation is - the old sound card works and the PC seems to have a recognised sound system that it likes, but the two don't seem to be meeting up.

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You must run alsaconf as root. :)


As in not running as SU?


Running as SU I couldn't get alsaconf to work (as per above)


When I logged on as root and opened a console I typed alsaconf and it still wouldn't work.

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I've just finished getting URPMI set up and have discovered that I can download alsaplayer. I'm doing it now as I type and we'll see what happens.




URPMI'd alsa and everything else associated with it, then went into console as su and did alsaconf. Works great now - in fact it sounds better than it ever has before which is great!


Thanks for your help

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