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flightgear doesn't start [solved]


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Thanks Ian,

How do I check that I have kernel source installed??


I have downloaded the following driver to my fat32 folder which I use to share files between XP and linux:

Linux Display Driver - IA32

Version: 1.0-8174

Operating System: Linux IA32

Release Date: December 5, 2005

with the file name: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8174-pkg1.run



Can you confirm that this is the right driver?????

Since it is the same filename as you wrote in your last mail I suppose it's OK

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I'd use the one you downloaded from nvidia. As I said, couldn't get opengl working any good. It was crap. The nvidia driver worked wonders and gave me 4000 fps. Before it was 200fps with the so called great working mandriva one.

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Sorry Ian, what is


"Before it was 200fps with the so called great working mandriva one."


Here it is late night. I will install the driver first ting tomorrow.


How do I check that I have kernel source installed??



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You can check my doing:


ls -l /usr/src/linux


if it reports something listing linux pointing to linux- or similar, then the kernel source is installed.


If not, you can install by checking what kernel your running:


uname -a


and making a note of the version. Then:


urpmi kernel-source


and it'll most likely list what kernel-source choices you have. You can then choose the relevant one, so:


urpmi kernel-source-


or whatever the rest of the filename is to get it to install.


What I was saying about the nvidia driver was that the dkms-nvidia-7676 or whatever version it was only gave me 200fps, which meant I could practically do nothing with 3D graphics. FPS is frames per second. The nvidia driver, from nvidia, gave me 4000fps. A lot faster.

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Hello Guys,

The kernel source was installed

Then I run:

rpm -qa nvidia
urpme nvidia-7676-5mdk

After copying

NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8174-pkg1.run into my /home/arne I run:

sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8174-pkg1.run

Installer asked if I wanted it to download kernel interface from nvidia website which I refused since I didn't have a internet connection at the time.

Installer confirmed it will compile the kernel interface

Installer then installed the driver and asked if I wanted it to configure X11 for me which I happily accepted.

Then I reboot and graphic desktop is back working nicely.


Thank you Ian for standby and help :thanks:

PS: Flightgear work as a charm

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Yes maybe Ian.

Actually it could also be the plf-free upgrade who destroid the function of the the original 2006 nvidia. I am not shure.


I still wonder how AaRTee could get it to work with the original. Maybee some day I will know.


Even though I am not sure, somebody should put up a big warning for newbie not to update this nvidia.......plf driver running urpmi --update --auto-selet and instead run 'urpmi --auto-select' and check that this 'dkms-nvidia......plf is not included. More people have the same problem, i.e. Where we crahed on the other post yesterday.


Marry Christmas, Ian

Edited by Arne
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Thanks for reply. Yes I also believe it was 'auto' makng the mess.

For people using nvidia graphic card should use 'urpmi --auto-select' because it shows which files/packages for you to accept thereby give people a chance to avoid the problem.


With the original nvidia driver I get 3,300 FPS and I am happy.

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