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Loading SoundFont at boot


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This applies to Soundblaster AWE, Live, and Audigy soundcards.


I have been frustrated with the inability to load a soundfont at boot time in Mandriva LE 2005. I also recently found out that this applies to Mandriva 2006. In order to load one I would have to go into Kcontrol and to the sound setup. There I would select the midi output I wanted to use. I would have to actually re-select it. Then I would press apply. I would have to do all of this before I could load a soundfont.


With recent trial and error I have found a solution for all you soundfont loving, midi loving, music writing, musicians who want to use the abilities of thier soundcard.


1- Install kmid urpmi kmid


2- lauch Kcontrol. (configure your desktop)

Go to Sound --> Sound System --> click the hardware tab --> check the use midi mapper box. The path to the midi mapper is as follows: /usr/share/apps/kmid/maps/gm.map


3 - If you have not already, install the awesfx package. urpmi awesfx This will enable you to load soundfonts.


4 - Place a soundfont you would like to load in a directory that you will be familiar with. I placed mine in /home/user/.midi/soundfont.sf2 However you can place it in any directory that suits you.


5 - In /ect/rc.local a few commands must be added at the end of the file:

modprobe snd-emu10k1-synth - It seems that this was left out of the Alsa configuration. This command will allow a soundfont to be loaded intstead of getting the error message that "No Awe synth device found".

aweset init - This command initializes the AWE chip and state.

sfxload /path/to/your/soundfont/soundfont.sf2 - This command actually loads the soundfont.

You must edit this file as root to be able to save it.


Here is an example of what should be added to the rc.local file:


modprobe snd-emu10k1-synth

aweset init

sfxload /path/to/soundfont/soundfont.sf2


Following these simple steps will allow those of you with soundfonts, who want to use that feature, to load them at boot time.


Enjoy! And happy music writing.

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TiMidity has very nice other options. You mus download better soundfonts e.g


Fluid_R3GM.SF2 (150Mb) and,


touch in your home directory file e.g sfx.cfg


Write in one line


soundfont /home/user/Fluid_R3GM.SF2


And now run in Console as user e.g.:


timidity -c /home/user/sfx.cfg song.mid


Nocommercial soundbank here



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