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Baghira 0.7 Help


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I have Mandriva 2005 LE and I want to use the latest version of Baghira, version 0.7. I am currently using 0.6 which I installed with an RPM but the new version doesn't seem to have a mandrake RPM. I found a guide on their sourceforge website explaining howto install it; http://baghira.sourceforge.net/OS_Clone-en.shtml#step1. I understand everything there apart from the bit which says,


According to your distribution, all the dependencies needed by Baghira may not yet be installed. For my Mandriva Linux 2005, I had to install the libkde-dev rpm


As far as I can see there is no libkde-dev RPM in the installation CD's and I can't find it using URPMI. Can anoyone tell me how to get libkde-dev or howto install Baghira 0.7. Does anyone have an RPM which will work with Mandriva 2005?



Leo Kent

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