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MDV 2005


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Would like to boot into KDE desktop by default


Installed MDV 2005 community dwnload, everything smooth, during install chose KDE desktop and KDM login mgr. Upon reboot at end of install, was booted into GI.


This morning, am greeted by CL. Type in username, PW, then startx and KDE desktop appears. When shutting down am only given option of logout , returned to CL and there is an error message:


'failed to load module /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libglx.a" (once only module)


Never had this happen with MDK 10.0


I have tried various settings in MCC for login mgr, but no luck.


1. Would like my old autologin and shutdown menu back.


2. Also, why was Koffice, tuxracer, and Dansguardian, (is squidguard comparable?) not on the CDs,


3. Am learning how to install software with rpms, but I notice different versions #s of an app. How do I determine (from the numbering?) if an app is for a certain release version of a distro. For example, tried to load Krusader (file mgr) but there was a dependency required that did not exist ( googled all over). Then found Krusader with a different build number and it loaded fine, but even if I remembered what the numbers were, I would never have understood what I was looking at.


Any help?


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1. Have you checked that you are booting into runlevel 5 (the gui)? If not then check the file /etc/inttab and ther should be a line:


where 5 is the runlevel (3 is command line). Failing that have you looked for the module that isn't loading? If it exists try maually loading it (modprobe [module_name]) and see what happens.

2. I don't know about t ther apps but tuxracer seem to have changed its name to SuperTux

3. Short answer is you can't. The numbering of each app is the version number of that app and gives no clue as to dependencies. However if you use urpmi then it ought to take care of any dependencies.


I hope this helps


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Thanks for reply.Yes inittab shows runlevel 5 as default. Must have altered something mcc that was not saved until reboot. I have my GUI logon and logoff back. I did learn something new tho. I had no error messages during installation so am assuming all modules were loaded properly. maybe when certain setting in mcc is used, that module is withheld from boot process and therefore an error mssg is produced. Where is a good place to learn about altering the innittab? ( preferably thru GUI, but CL is OK too).


Also noticed that fstab is modified with -sync. What does this mean? can I not just use a text editor anymore to change this file?



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The best place to start when looking for more information is the manual pages just type

man [command]

at the prompt in a shell and if there are any pages available they will be shown e.g.

man inittab

will display the manual page for inittab.


Another place worth a look is, as always, google or more precisely www.google.com/linux for a linux specific search.


There is also the search function on this board (see the top of the page) although personally I find this rather difficult to use as I ca never narrow down the search to my satisfaction (this may well be a user problem though :unsure: )


As for the sync option if you look at

man /etc/fstab

there is an explanation although I do not undertand it myself so I will not attempt to paraphrase it.


Bear in mind that you can also get help with the manual page itself by typing

man man


I hope this was not too 'Janet and John' for you, feel free to ask again if you need more help



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The 2005-Community was the pre-release version of Mandriva2005-LE and had considerable bugs that were fixed in LE ( that is what the community version is for --- to find bugs and fix them for the Official version, this time called Limited Edition).


You would be best advised to do a clean install upgrade to Mandriva2005-LE and this will give you a rock solid OS. Make sure to get its latest updates as well.


Login Manager is NOT in MCC. It is in KDE Control Centre. Also in KCC is Session Manager and in there you can select the options you want for logging in and out.


Cheers. John.

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CDs I have are purchased thru third party vendor and labeled 2005 LE. What is best way to check to make sure they didn't slip me community version?


What is the outlook for 2006 and should I just wait for it?


Also, curiosity got me to reload 2005, keeping my home partition, and the menus were still screwed up which tells me there is a KDE file somewhere on my /home partition that is altered. Where can I locate it?


Thanks for all your help

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If it was labelled Mandriva2005-LE then it will be that. It would be a waste of a vendors time to try a substitution when it is just as easy to obtain and use the real thing and the fraud could be so easily discovered. They would have to be totally brainless. There is no money to be made in doing that kind of thing in Linux. The vendors makes precious little from what they charge because it is usually just covering the cost of producing the discs.

It is not like the proprietry world, so I believe you are safe to assume you have the genuine article.


Cheers. John.

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Thanks to all of you for the tips. Am trying to migrate everything off my Wxp partition, so am not spending as much time as I should learning about X configuration and the like.

So far have found OL2KDE for data transfer from Outlook and am hoping Gimp, xsane, or Kooka will replace paperport which I really use a lot.




Thanks again

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