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2006.0.4a (RC1) (Sept8 iso's) initial notes


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Basically looks very good so far...

1. On install first progress bar wraps screen - looks sloppy. Very minor.


2. No KDE startup sound. Not major but would be nice to know how to enable it.

EDIT: Fixed in cooker by Sept 11. To change, Configure your Desktop /LookNFeel /System Notifications Event Source, KDE System Notifications, KDE is starting up. Set to sound of your choice.


3. Critical: mplayer-1.0-1.pre7.12mdk causes NeverWinter Nights to crash which hoses system. Like totally! (see separate thread) I believe it affects the sound system. mplayer-1.0-1.pre7.10mdk seems okay.

EDIT 3. was fixed in cooker by Sept 11.





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Hello again kristi.


Regarding 2. Have you tried Look&Feel ----------->-SOUNDS ----------> System Notifications ???. The trick here at this point (I found out by roaming initially) is to click on Event Source and from the drop down menu, select KDE System Notifications. Then you will see a line <KDE is starting up>. Ensure there is an icon under the column <play a sound> and if there is not then right click in that column on that line and an icon will appear. Click Apply. Here you can also change that sound for one of your own choosing. If you do this and still have no startup sound then go to KDE Control Centre ----> Sound and ensure that Enable the Sound System is ticked (US=checked).

Make sure the Full Duplex shown under the Hardware tab is also ticked.


Please let me know if this helps you at all.

Cheers. John,


I am currently using 2006-3beta with latest updates from cooker and Mplayer seems to be still very unstale and often freezing. It has been doing it since 2006-2beta so I think there are a few problems with it at the moment, But I've still got my extremely stable 2005-LE to fall back to whenever. JOHN

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Thanks John!! That did the trick!


Full duplex was not checked so I checked it and I'll see if that makes any difference.


It is only .12mdk version of mplayer that caused me probs. I had installed it in case firefox needed it for something. I use xine for DVD's etc. The .10mdk version of mplayer does not cause me probs with NWN.


Yes, I dual boot to 2005LE, and yes, it is rock solid!!! :cheesy:


Kristi :D

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Ha Ha kristi. That is the very reason I like and prefer Totem, namely when I insert a movie DVD, it starts straight up as if the computer was a DVD player.

I never was able to see the point in having to do this, then that, then something else before I could watch the movie. It all seemed so pointless when all I wanted to do was view the movie.

But then that is just me. You can see I have no geek in me because I have no masochist tendencies. :D :D :D :D


Cheers. John.

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