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upgrading Firefox


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Hi and welcome to MUB Towers.


There's no harm in installing the mozilla.org package - in fact I'd recommend it as each version has plugged a couple of security vulnerabilities. When you unpack the download it has an easy graphical installer, and later versions can simply be installed over the old.


You should check in Control Centre > Install Software for any dependencies you might need to install before Firefox (you probably have everything you need already, though). They will pop up when you select Firefox for install, then you can de-select Firefox and just install the dependencies.


Hope this helps, just ask if you need any more help.

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I have installed mozilla-firefox-1.0.2-3mdk so far.

When I try to deinstall it via rpm -ev mozilla-firefox I get 'Failed dependencies' errors.

It seems that some files are also needed by epiphany-1.4.8-8mdk.


So should I leave the mozilla-firefox-1.0.2-3mdk and install the one from mozilla.org somewhere else?

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Don't use the old 'rpm' commands. Use urpmi instead. Unlike rpm, urpmi handles all dependencies for you very much like apt-get does in Debian. Really is very good.


Check out 'man urpmi' and the 'Easy Urpmi' link in the top right corner of any page on this forum. There also some good tutorials available on urpmi.

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