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Help with ndiswrapper


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Ok, i got the package using urmpi and it took it fron the #3 install cd however i dont know enough to know where it put this or how to use it...

Im trying to get my llinksys wireless PCI card WMP11 to work, i have the windows drivers, WMP11NDS.inf and WMP11NDS.sys


What do i need to do to get these drivers to power my wireless?






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Ndiswrapper is a driver (sort off). Drivers are called modules in Linux. You can configure the drivers with the Mandriva Control Center or by editing config files. You can 'load' them with the modprobe command (not neccesary with the MCC).


First try the MCC and setup a new internet connection.


If that doesn't work read the topic in the tips and tricks forum about ndiswrapper.

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As root, you do this:

# cd /path/to/where/the.inf/file/is/
# ndiswrapper -i ./WMP11NDS.inf
# echo 'alias wlan0 ndiswrapper' >>/etc/modprobe.conf
# cat >/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-wlan0 <<-END

Then in Mandriva Control Center, you reconfigure the wlan0 connexion to fit your needs.



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i entered all that in consol as su

but it still just shows up as ethernetcard in hardware in mcc... when i try and configure it doesnt have any thing in the list that works... any thoughts?


Thanks for the posts

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