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Linux Format CoverDisc: Arch vs. Ark

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They could, if you wanted them to.


It's LOTS easier to do if one of the distros isn't mandriva. You just have to make sure that your uid's are the same. Easy to do if you're running a distro that only has 1 user and root. Most of the time they will set your uid to 1000. Seems to be standard on the non-mandr* distros I've used.

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I will disagree with Arctic: Arch Linux just needs a user WILLING to learn one thing or two, but it definitely is NOT a geek distro.

I never said that. I said it is a distro for experienced users. That is a totally different thing. LFS is for geeks. ;)


Null, yum works faster than in previous versions and is easier to handle now IMHO. I think you will love FC4. Well, ... I do.

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