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p2p software


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You can download it if you have put PLF sources in your urpmi (see easy-urpmi at the top of this site).


There is

Nicotine (aka Soulseek on win)

amule (aka emule, edonkey)

valknut (aka dc++)

azureus (for .torrents)


maybe there are other

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Many choices out there... some good ones:

Limewire (pro) for the G2 network.

amule for the ED2K network (requires wxgtk 2.6.X to run without random crashes).

Azureus for BitTorrent.

There's also mldonkey which is all-purpose and resources-friendly (it runs as a daemon and is managed via telnet or your browser), but the BitTorrent module is really crap.

Other choices out there as well, just toy a bit with them...

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