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text file: how to save so windows can read it?


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Here's what may have happened to you: if you changed Kwrite's defaults by Settings -> Configure Editor -> Open/Save -> End of line -> DOS/Windows, I believe that applies to newly created files only. Existing files will retain whatever end-of-line format they were originally created with.


To change the format of an existing document to what you want (regardless of the default setting), in Kwrite do a Tools -> End of Line -> Windows/DOS and then save the file.


You can check that it's the format you want by opening the text file with hexedit (urpmi hexedit if it's not installed).


You should see the 0D OA end-of-line combination if it's in the Windows/Dos format.

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Profuse thanks to all. What I did was, with the setting in kwrite set to DOS/Windows, I opened a new (blank) kwrite, copied the text from the old kwrite window, and saved it. That apparently saved it "correctly" as I was able to read it with Gates-o-matic.


Only reason I needed Winblows was that my Labtec webcam has a nice motion detector that runs under XP, and I wanted to use it briefly. I do not know of one for Linux.


Thanks again!


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I had the same problem until I installed Abiword on both computers and used abiword's default format. My thumbdrive with FAT32 format can be used on both computers for transferring text files back and forth.


Unfortunately it's not included in 10.1 but can be found on Mandriva mirror site. If you get into trouble again this is an option.

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