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What exactly does Mandrake Online include?


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Hello to everybody!


Two years ago I already signed a membership there and I received frequent update notifications by e-mail. Due to moving circumstances I didn't renew the subscription.


Being now in my new home I subscribed again for € 19,95 to Mandrake online. in order to receive actual update announcements.


But nothing happens, the money is gone but no reply on my mails to Mandriva. Just silence.


Is there something changed?


BTW, I run now Mandriva Linux Limited Edition 2005, before I worked with Mandrake 10.1 CE.


Many thanks in advance


Best regards



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We are not an official Mandriva site and have nothing to do with Mandriva. We are however the best tech support they have. :lol:

The Club is what you are probably looking for. Check it out on Mandriva's home page. Since I am a cynic when it comes to Mandriva's business tactic, I won't tell you what I think the benefits of membership are!

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Well, you should get your value or your money back. Unfortunately, sometimes people have a hard time getting through. Try talking to Adam Williamson. He gives his email in his posts on the Forum: http://forum.mandrivaclub.com/viewtopic.ph...de52ac7a#151898

Or, you could try contacting the Webmaster at the site. He is sometimes more responsive.


There are alternatives to being aware of security updates. The simplest way is the run MandrakeUpdate from a terminal periodically.


Another thing you can do is read the articles at MandrivaClub, where security updates are always announced. http://www.mandrivaclub.com/index.php


You can get announcements by joining the security-announce mailing lists, get an rss feed, or utilize the other resources by following the Security link at the top of the mandrivalinux.com main page: http://www.mandrivalinux.com/en-us/


AFAIK, all these resources are free to anyone and, of course, MandrakeUpdate is a free part of the distribution.


I use urpmi to manage my official updates. You can use

urpmi.addmedia --update update_source <url of main_updates/ directory on mirror> with media_info/hdlist.cz

to add a source but you will already have one, presumably from using mandrakeonline. I am not sure of the sequence of steps you have undergone. You can see the names of your urpmi media with urpmq --list-media If there is no update source, run MandrakeUpdate or urpmi.addmedia to add one.


With an update source in place, it needs to be refreshed to any new updates packages that have been uploaded to the mirror:


urpmi.update --update


Then, you can check for and install any new updates:


urpmi --clean --update --auto-select


See man urpmi

man urpmi.addmedia

man urpmi.update


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