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Strange GUI Behaviour


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Hey there guys,


Little annoyance here, don't know whether it's X.org or KDE that's responsible. Now and again my screen goes a bit wierd. Basically the bottom-left corner moves up and along about 2cm on the screen, and the parts of the top-right corner now appear as blocks to the left and the bottom of the screen, kinda like this (if you can understand this at all):


---------------------     --------------------
|                   |     |       |           |
|                   |     |       |           |
|                   |     |-------+---------- | 
|                   |     |       |           |
---------------------     --------------------

Normal Screen               Screwed up screen


It's almost like the screen has forgotten where the center is in a way.


So far this has only happened to me using KDE, although I tend to use KDE all the time (not a gnome fan personally).


Up until now I have fixed it by noting down the process number for X, that is if I can manage to read the process monitor, and then kill X through the terminal, which of course restarts the GUI. I have noticed in the star menu a app called Xrefresh, tried it but nothing happens, same with a similar app titled Xkill, it doesn't work either.


Looking for an alternative to the process above and possible figure out what is causing this problem.


Any suggestions as to if and where the problem may lie with KDE, X.org, or possibly the NVIDIA driver?


For info, I'm running LE 2005, on a P-III 550, 384 M RAM, 8Mb AGP graphics card (NVIDIA VANTA I believe).


The only packages I have updated so far are kdenetwork and it's libraries!


Any help appreciated.



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I might be tempted to update your xorg components, just to make sure. Normally I apply all Normal/Security/Bug Fixes - absolutely everything. Can't say I've ever seen anything like this though.


The xrefresh doesn't seem to work on mine, have tried it a few times, so not sure what it is meant for. I might do a google later and find out. The xkill basically allows you to point and click an app, which has locked up without having to go through the process list. Just don't point at the app on the panel bar at the bottom of the screen, as you kill the panel, and not the app! :P

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Umm, I have a question.

Does your screen scroll when you pan the mouse a certain way? If so you should change your monitor Settings in MCC to accomodate a higher resolution.

That happened to me all the time, and for practicality I moved on to other WMs and keep KDE for the family. It's all up to you though.

Good luck.

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