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font problem [solved]


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I have no idea what happened, but now there are only very ugly Times New Roman & Co fonts in OpenOffice.

I reinstalled OpenOffice, I reinstalled Xorg.

It seems that Abiword still has Nimbus New Roman, and others, just it makes now TImes as its' default.

This is from font config in Kcontrol -> image

This is from mcc/fonts -> image

This is from Open Office Writer -> image


please help! reinstalling Mandrake is not an option for me atm, but I need OO Writer (if it's possible).


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Did you install any Windows fonts into your system? When I did this, I noticed a few changes, so I removed the Windows fonts and just left myself with the normal Linux ones.

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The same problem here after upgrade from 10.1 to Mandriva LE 2005. In 10.1, windows fonts were available in OpenOffice. Not anymore. All other apps (firefox, KDE apps) have no problems with those fonts.


I checked the link suggested by Iphitus, all font paths are okay. Any suggestions? What was exactly the problem with ATI drivers? I use ATI


Edit: adding all TTF fonts to openoffice dir seems to sort of solved the problem. However, oo starts and closes painfully slowly (I have another box running 10.1, oo is much faster on that box).

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