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Cheating at Freeciv


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I would like to know how to cheat at Freeciv.


Specifically, I would like to know you can modify the .sav files so that I can give myself extra technology bonuses. I have searched the internet high and low and there seems to be nothing around to help me. I would have thought that this could be achieved in the Freeciv server command line but nothing I have read about helps.


Today I managed to unzip the .sav file. I found the information on my civilization, bumped up the technology thingy to "50" and then tried to rezip it up. Once it had been saved I then loaded it into the server and...


The server crashed and turned off.


I'd better explain the reasons for my shame... When I used to play Civ2 in my Win98 days I often would set the conditions to extreme (maximum amount of AI, maximum difficulty, massive barbarians, no huts) but then grant myself modern technology so that my Mech Inf units could ward off the barbarian hoardes and Shaka Zulu as I expanded outwards. Of course I was never good enough to win the game on my own merits... so I would cheat and have a great time. I would like to do the same with Freeciv.

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It's just a matter of modifying the unzipped file. I added 80000 to the "Researched" column in a text editor, then saved the file.


Then rather than re-zip the file, I simply loaded the file as is (as civgame-3850m.sav).


Boom. I am now on Future Tech 32.


Soon the world will feel the wrath of neilinoz

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