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Tips & Tricks 4 LE2005?


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I decided to ask if anyone knows any Tips or Tricks for Mandriva LE-2005, Things like what services should and shouldn't be running. Tips/Tricks don't have to be only about Services they could be about Programs that enhance LE-2005. Or software thats included on it's DVD's or Cdroms. I'm sure this topic will help alot of new Mandriva Users and Some not to new Mandriva Users :cheesy:



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Here's a funny tip ;)


as root, install the package xpenguins ->

urpmi xpenguins

then, as a normal user execute it :

xpenguins -n 1 -t "Penguins" &


xpenguins --help

for more help ...


not usefull but I falled in love with it :)


So ... If you want a tip about nVidia, just say hello :P

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About services, I disabled a lot of them!


* All services for bluetooth (I don't care bluetooth!)

* mDNSResponder (WTF new service since LE2005?)

* nifd

* netplugd

* oki4daemon

* postfix

(* hotplug was disabled by default)


so ... I don't recommand to do the same but for me that works and the bootup sequence is quicker.


enjoy testing :P

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Here's a tip for nVidia driver:


so, in your /etc/X11/xorg.cong, as root, add this line in the device section:


Option "NoLogo" "1"


You'd have something like this:


Section "Device"
   Identifier "device1"
   VendorName "nVidia"
   BoardName "NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic)"
   Driver "nvidia"
   Option "DPMS"
   Option "NoLogo" "1"


It disables drawing of the NVIDIA logo splash screen at X startup.


Not usefull but ... you know ...



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In addition to the services Theo mentioned, I've also turned off the haldaemon, postfix and ultrabayd (but if you're using a Thinkpad, then you best leave this one).


I have since stopped messagebus, as I didn't think it was relevant to have it broadcasting system messages.


So my total list of stopped services are as follows (including the ones Theo mentioned):


apmd (didn't start anyway)

atd (I don't schedule jobs)

bluetooth (I don't use it)

cpufreq (doesn't work on my machine anyway)

dund (linked to bluetooth)

hidd (linked to bluetooth)

hotplug (either it didn't start, or I didn't think it was relevant)

mDNSResponder (added in LE2005 - to perform zeroconf service discovery - I don't use)

nifd (linked to mDNSResponder)

pand (linked to bluetooth)

postfix (didn't work anyway)

rawdevices (didn't work anyway)

ultrabayd (only relevant to Thinkpads)

xprint (didn't work anyway)


Quite a lot!

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Actually, I've just removed a few from the list above. I tested today and found that you can't really disable them. I'll explain:


haldaemon, messagebus and harddrake were on my list for disabling. Whilst this may work for some users, if you add some additional hardware, you'll not be able to get it working.


First off, I just enabled harddrake, so that when I plug in my usb hard drive, it'll pick it up. But it won't, unless haldaemon and messagebus are running as well.


So, if you know you won't change your hardware, then fine, you can disable. Else, if you add some hardware and it doesn't work, then you need to enable these three, and then disable again after if you prefer!


Personally, I'm gonna leave them running.

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This thread has been closed with the agreement of Shadowchaser to prevent it growing like Topsy. :)


Please post your tips and tricks as separate topics. Thanks.



Edit: the thread has been reopened temporarily for adamw to post a warning.

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I just wanted to emphasise that disabling messagebus and haldaemon is a very bad idea for most people; it will cause many important functions to do with hardware detection and also hotplugging / automounting to fail. Please leave them enabled unless you know exactly what you're doing. Thanks!

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