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Install win98se/winXP pro upgrade on 60gbhd&any linux os


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I will install win98se/winXP pro upgrade on 60gbhd and any linux os on 120gb hd will it interfere with windows in the future?.

But which one should be master 60gb or 120gb.


Tnx for helping for that questions.

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I am a little fuzzy about what you are trying to do here. Are you installing both win98se and winXP on the same drive with Linux on a second drive?



60 gig drive




120 gig drive - linux


Or are you installing winXP on the one drive and linux on the second drive?


Note: You do realize that you do not need win98se installed in order to install winXP upgrade? You just need to have the win98se disk around for varification.

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By using seperate drives, there will be no issues between linux and winblows. But I would suggest that the windblows drive should be master/ primary boot, to keep windblows playing nice.


Between linux and windblows, windblows is really the problem in playing nice with other os's.

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