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PDAs and Linux


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Discussion for using Linux with your PDA or cellphone's PIM and other PDA functions. Please feel free to post information. If you would like to add to the lists below, please PM me:









Distributions for PDAs

The Familiar Project (distribution for iPaqs)

Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition (Lycoris distribution - under development)


Sync your PDA with Linux

The Synce project (sync Pocket PC based PDAs with Linux)

Multisync (sync PIM and other data with a variety of devices)


What we need

- A good guide for setting up Bluetooth on Linux (I had one but lost it - I'll write one if I have to).

- More information on Debian on PDAs

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bluetooth on MDV is improving fast, with 10.0 I had to hack *everything* up from the shell, with 10.1 at least some modules got autoloaded, with 2005 I can just plug in my bluetooth USB key and immediately transfer files to and from my bluetooth phone. Yay for progress :D. Setting it up as a wireless modem over bluetooth is still trickier, though, I should try and get that into drakconnect for 2006. *goes off to poke someone*

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i wonder if there is a way to install GPE, Qtopia and all those desktop using a mandrake kernel on a pocket PC


i also dont know if linux can run on a PalmOS-compatible hardware.

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