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Will you be installing 10.2/ Limited Edition2k5?

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Guest sgtaylor
oh, and one final thing - if you want to avoid tinkering to make things work, and your 'things' include MP3s and DVDs, think twice about SUSE. Not spreading FUD here, it's a fine distro, but unfortunately they have a conservative legal department and so their media apps don't play MP3s (except RealPlayer) and are hacked not to play DVDs even if you replace libdvdcss (AFAIK, some people dispute this). So if you want to play MP3s and DVDs in Kaffeine you're going to have to find an alternative package source (I hear packman is the one to use) and rip out half your KDE packages, which I guess counts as tinkering. Stupid patent laws.


That settles it with me as well - no SuSE for me either! I use my WinBook J1 866 MHz PIII laptop for my stereo; just got done importing six cassettes with Audacity. Don't want to have to buy something I don't have the space for.


Been using Mdk 10.2 ever since beta 2 when my Win 2000 Pro install committed suicide (it ate the NTFS Master File Table with too many "delayed write failed" errors), and never looked back. I'm tired of buying software that doesn't suit my needs after a few months. KDE 3.3.2 is faster than Windows 2000, too. And that counts when your laptop isn't the newest.


Wish that my USB mouse worked, it seems that my 10.2 has a very effective subsystem for inoculating my OS against external mice!! At first, my MS wireless mouse worked after boot-up; it was recognized easily. Now, I can only install it at bootup to get it to work. I bought the wireless mouse after my old wired USB mouse quit working. Other USB mice that I've borrowed aren't recognized at all.


Steve @--->----


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