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midi & modem problems


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hi friends,

i noticed that my sound card has not been installed in the right way...in fact, i can play sound but not midi...(and still at boot it writes "booting alsa version XXX....no soundcard found"...<--maybe here is the problem,dunno)

can u help me in configuring midi?? i'llthank you also a lot if you post some little and simple guide to install and upgrade my alsa drivers...

i use this

Module: ‎snd-intel8x0


2)i have a modem and i can't configure it...do you now how??in windows is a "soft v92 modem with smartcp" :D

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UPDATED TODAY 11/April/2005

Why don't u answer me?? :(

Just a God can help me :unsure:


I did a cooker rpm kernel update and if i type uname -r it appears me 2.6.11-6


when i was trying to install modem, i was asked to some file like autoconf.h, version.h etc that i didn't find in my hard drive, so i thought to download and recompile the same version of my kernel...

but something was wrong, now when i start that image, most of all of my modules fail to charge and i have no sound and so on...

i gotta adjust everything but i don't know how...someone can give me a REAL help? :D we can find in chat, connect directly to me and so on... :D i gotta have everything running ok!! i can't do that alone 'cause i'm so newbie and on my own i will do that within 3years...

please help

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kernel compilations gives me some error (see the attachm.) -->what does it mean???


Anyway i can load the bzImage and many things goes fine... the only problem is that i have no more the GStreamer Engine i had before, rosegarden crashes before running (just like before i recompiled), and (obviously) hsfconfig (the script for my modem) gives me errors in oss***.o


can u help?


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Today, April 20 :evilmod:



i broke everything and i had to return to mandrake 2.6.3 'cause 2.6.11 after few kernel panics do not compile...


the most important problem is midi...timidity goes but "jumps"....rosegarden & kmid fail to open /dev/sequencer (do not exist)

i do not have the files /dev/mixer, /dev/dsp, /dev/sound---->is it bad?


this appears at boot:

Apr 20 20:19:37 alexxiodrake sound: Loading sound module (snd-intel8x0) succeeded

Apr 20 20:19:37 alexxiodrake alsactl: /usr/sbin/alsactl: load_state:1267:

Apr 20 20:19:37 alexxiodrake alsactl: No soundcards found...

Apr 20 20:19:37 alexxiodrake sound: loading mixer settings failed



should i do something or wait forever??

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Umm, what kind of soundcard do you have? Devries gave a link above, if you have a soundcard that has wavetable (or FM maybe) midi, you should use that. The method does work for SoundBlasters or Audigy, that method will work. Perhaps it will work with other chipsets as well.

If you want software midi, you'll have to look elsewhere. However, most of the software midi tutorials are for OSS, and apparently it seems you're using ALSA (as most nowadays are using :P ).

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:afro: i'm a master!! :D


this happened:


1)i deleted the file /dev/snd/controlC0 and new files were created....-->timidity jumped no more and at the same time i solved other problems with hotkeys!!!!!!!

It runned even Rosegarden because all the programs that used sequecer and /dev/dsp could find them!!


2)qjack didn't not go...can't find the right configuration!!help!


3)restarting the system timidity jumps again...i deleted again that file and the result is not good...same problems!!!:(


4)now only u can help me and understand this linux :D let's find how to solve!


harry up!!!

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