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Trouble Using USB Pen Drive [solved]


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Dear all,


I have endless problem in MDK 10.1 with a pendrive and had since "decided" that my pendrive would never work with MDK10.1 for unknown reason until I read this thread. I have recently upgraded to LE2005. Now I can access my pendrive allright, Thanks Mandriva and the borad members here!


However my pendrive is shown as a mounted hdd icon on my desktop. I cannot find anyway to change it to the pendrive icon eventhough such icon is available in LE 2005.


I tried to create a new icon that link to /mnt/removable with the approriate icon but the old hdd icon and links still stay on my desktop and I cannot remove it.





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so although not very helpful, i had the similar issue with mine. mine had a "k___" process taking up 99% of cpu time. hmmm.... i think it was a ksoftirqd process.


so 2005 had just come out and i wanted to give it a shot anyway. so i reinstalled with the mindset that if it still had this hard/software issue i'd investigate it then. 2005 has kde 3.3 and the flaw is fixed. so, if you're looking to migrate to 2005, this might be an ideal time to do it anyway.


i know that reinstalling linux is never a good solution, but in this case, it accomplished two goals for me simultaneously.

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