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BitTornado 3.10...


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Did you install the rpm? Download a torrent file and double click it. If the .torrent extension hasn't been defined a dialog screen will open. Associate it with btdownloadgui.py. If you downloaded the source untar it, put the folder somewhere and when you doubleclick a torrent assosciate it with the bydownloadgui.py file in that folder.


Good luck.

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I already have BitTorando on my computer but I am not sure how to set up and fetch software or music etc... It is completed different than I used with LimeWire from windows... I tried to find website about instruction to set up... :unsure:

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You need a torrent. (a small file that contains the information needed to dowload the file). This is http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/torrent/Mandrak...10.2rc1.torrent the torrent for Mandrake 10.2. Download it to your pc and then doubleclick it. :) (you could assosciate the extenson in your browser so just clicking the link will bring up bittornado but if for some reason it crashes you will have to search for the torrent again. Better is to keep them on your pc)

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Oh, now I understand... I tried to click your link and it came up error??


The error came up: GIF : error in GIF image format.


after I closed all BitTorando and found error list from Bittorrent usage:

Arguments are:

--max_uploads <arg>
         the maximum number of uploads to allow at once. (defaults to 7)

--keepalive_interval <arg>
         number of seconds to pause between sending keepalives (defaults to 120.0)

--download_slice_size <arg>
         How many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384)

--upload_unit_size <arg>
         when limiting upload rate, how many bytes to send at a time (defaults to 1460)

--request_backlog <arg>
         maximum number of requests to keep in a single pipe at once. (defaults to 10)

--max_message_length <arg>
         maximum length prefix encoding you'll accept over the wire - larger values get the
         connection dropped. (defaults to 8388608)

--ip <arg>
         ip to report you have to the tracker. (defaults to '')

--minport <arg>
         minimum port to listen on, counts up if unavailable (defaults to 10000)

--maxport <arg>
         maximum port to listen on (defaults to 60000)

--random_port <arg>
         whether to choose randomly inside the port range instead of counting up linearly
         (defaults to 1)

--responsefile <arg>
         file the server response was stored in, alternative to url (defaults to '')

--url <arg>
         url to get file from, alternative to responsefile (defaults to '')

--selector_enabled <arg>
         whether to enable the file selector and fast resume function (defaults to 1)

--expire_cache_data <arg>
         the number of days after which you wish to expire old cache data (0 = disabled) (defaults
         to 10)

--priority <arg>
         a list of file priorities separated by commas, must be one per file, 0 = highest, 1 =
         normal, 2 = lowest, -1 = download disabled (defaults to '')

--saveas <arg>
         local file name to save the file as, null indicates query user (defaults to '')

--timeout <arg>
         time to wait between closing sockets which nothing has been received on (defaults to

--timeout_check_interval <arg>
         time to wait between checking if any connections have timed out (defaults to 60.0)

--max_slice_length <arg>
         maximum length slice to send to peers, larger requests are ignored (defaults to 131072)

--max_rate_period <arg>
         maximum amount of time to guess the current rate estimate represents (defaults to 20.0)

--bind <arg>
         comma-separated list of ips/hostnames to bind to locally (defaults to '')

--ipv6_enabled <arg>
         allow the client to connect to peers via IPv6 (defaults to 0)

--ipv6_binds_v4 <arg>
         set if an IPv6 server socket will also field IPv4 connections (defaults to 0)

--upnp_nat_access <arg>
         attempt to autoconfigure a UPnP router to forward a server port (0 = disabled, 1 = mode 1
         [fast], 2 = mode 2 [slow]) (defaults to 1)

--upload_rate_fudge <arg>


Eh? hope I am not in big trouble??

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Open a console, cd to the folder where the torrent file is and type: btdownloadgui.py <torrent name> and post the errors.



Here is an error... is that what you are looking for?

DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file
DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file
DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file
DIB Header: image height > 32767 pixels for file
GIF: error in GIF image format.

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