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software to publish/update a website (solved)

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Coming from windows where i used MS publisher and Spinwriter, I am looking for a gui wysiwyg program to maintain a small simple website. Only one I know of is in Mozilla Suite. Bujt I'm sure there must be a ton of others.



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If they would only release Adobe Creative Suite for Linux I could switch all my business over now... bleh...


I like NVU but I like Adobe better.  Maybe when Wine ages more...

Um... I hear you. Also just learned that Nvu is based on the breakup of Mozilla suite - wondered why the message boxes were the same!!! The problem with windows is the problem with windows... and therefore the struggle that wine will have providing a platform. Everyone in windows programmed for the exception. windows IS 50,000 exceptions.


(what'd you do, re-sign up?)(your member number and number of posts...)(amazon says I won't get beowulf till the 29th)

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This is awesome! I was looking for a Dreamweaver replacement a while ago but didn't find NVu! Yet to try it out seriously but just after install it looks great!


One question (which maybe should be in a new new thread - not sure):

I used layers a lot in Dreamweaver, but I can't see a way to view different layers within a page in NVu. I realise that layers are kind of a Dreamweaver invention to an extent. They're just <div> tags with a 'Z' value and a bit of Javascript to either show or hide them, but does anyone know if there's a way to edit them in NVu in the same way you can in Dreamweaver (ie. just select which layer to look at and edit it as if it were the main page?)


Interestingly, NVu has a 'Layer' button which seems to pull the selected element out into a seperate layer, but there is no reference to layers in the help file.

I'll admit I haven't had time to search their forums yet. Maybe the answer is there.


Thanks! :-)


Edit: Moved this question to a new thread:


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