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Wireframing the Gull


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Hi Guys, good news, OpenOffice.org 2.0 has a new splashscreen... :headbang:


It's pretty cool but now we want to take it to the next level. We want to recreate the Image but also the components. One of these components is the 3D gull.


One of the mayor tasks is re-create this array of vectors and make them actual SVG components. I was sondering how to go about it, since the project seems a little time consuming I want to ask around for expert advice on what tools to use and what to go about it.


I have tried with Inskscape but either I am using the wrong technique or the software is just not mature enough. But maybe you guys can help. The image is this one.


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In inkscape,


Grab your bezier tool (Shift+F6)


draw out the points of your gull.


select all of the points, one by one holding shift and hit the make segments curved button on the toolbar, mouseover to find it.


then curve it away. then either copy paste for all the lines of the gull or repeat

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