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I am having a problem reinstalling my speedtouch 330. I accidently destroyed my installation. However, I have reinstalled before with no problem. This time it is different I have installed all the right software and firmware(rev4fw copied into the right place), edited speedtouchconf.sh. but when I ./speedtouchconf.sh if goes through the process of installing the software but I get this message


The modem lights should start flashing for approx. 60 seconds...

Wed Feb 23 22:48:22 GMT 2005

The modem_run command failed (code 240)

modem_run results:

Unable to locate firmware

If you have a silver modem, make sure you're using rev4fw.zip


FAILED because of modem_run error 240


This is most puzzling. Can anyone help me out please



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Guest fcm1912

Hi hopeful,


I had exactly the same problem yesterday! What was wrong is that I had kept various firmware files in the speedtouchconf directory (eg. KQD6P1.eni, KQD6P2.eni, KQD6_R204.zip, SpeedTouch330_firmware_3012.zip),

Maybe you can check that you keep just the necessary files in your speedtouchconf directory.

You can also try to download again a newer version of everything.


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