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    ftp access

    ill try disabling the WAN side config and see what that does and the virtual server is the same as port forwarding on my router. as for the firewall that all checked out and its fine number of ports open is minimal as the only users will be me and at the most two other people
  2. inflexion

    ftp access

    Right im trying to set up a personal ftp. Here's how its working so far internally using IP address fine, performs as expected externally it all falls down. im using a no-ip.com farwarder but even when i put in my IP address i still get the login box for my router when i do http://ip address when i do ftp://ip address i get 503 login failed. On my router i have set a virtual server with port 21 UDP to my ip address enabled the ftp server option so im stuck as to whats missing?
  3. nice, looks like Gentoo might get another large number of followers now
  4. if your unsure get a livecd and boot that to see if everything is detected it should be, the main problem with laptop is the fuction buttons IME
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    Yea i know that but no one has airport extreme support so thats out (crap i know!) Thanks for the location ill go dig them out
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    where are all of the inbox messages kept as i cant find then! Also can i import them into Entourage on my mac? My linux box will be leaving me for a while or forever as the insurance man might want it :( so i need to back up now. Little of the mark here but if anyone knows how or if i can install Kontact on a mac id be eternally greatful
  7. cheers guys, ill have a play with that when i can get a spare hour :)
  8. its xp the win machine. Like ive said though the only thing that ive done it set to allow the ip address in the conf file. in windows its just set up as normal ie. Shared folders and all of the default names taken
  9. Know a little about samba so have set it to allow address that start with 10.0. and i can access the laptop by doing smb://ip address then it gives me a login but there is no password set on the win machine so i cant access the shares.
  10. gotta say that im goin to have a serious play with Ubuntu next cause of the rave reviews so thats where i think im headed next
  11. eth1 is my NIC which is what im connected with now eth0 could be firewire im not sure eth2 should be the card as thats what it assigns at boot but iwconfig gives eth0, eth1 and sit0 doing ifconfig sit0 down ifconfig sit0 up gives me the info on it has it been IPv6 in IPv4 so i think that this is the firewaire socket as thats one of the connection options in MCC. also the info for eth0 gives me a massive MAC address so im more than confused by this
  12. nothing works, doing ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 up brought it up in ifconfig but it wasnt the wifi card :( Im guessing that its the PCMCIA slot rather than the card because in system>config>kde>info>pcmcia it says that there is no controller detected oh and /etc/init.d/network start gives Setting network parameters: [ OK ] Bringing up loopback interface: [ OK ] Bringing up interface eth1: [ OK ] Bringing up interface eth2: orinoco_cs device eth2 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. [FAILED]
  13. that doesnt do squat! How can i remove it from starting at boot then i can try to config it again
  14. hmmm thats what i though, yea i do have other net access cause its still all on my table in a mess of wires lol
  15. [root@localhost matt]# /etc/init.d/pcmcia stop Shutting down PCMCIA services: ERROR: Module ds is in use by orinoco_cs ERROR: Module pcmcia_core is in use by orinoco_cs,ds done. [root@localhost matt]# /etc/init.d/pcmcia start Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[6295]: no sockets found! done. [root@localhost matt]#
  16. Set up 10.1 to run my card at boot but now i finally set up my wireless network and have some use for it, the card wont run. Everything works fine in winblows. At boot it says that its not present and then when i try to config it through MCC it just flashes up some error messages far to quickly for anyone to see The card is a linksys wpc11 v3
  17. dunno mate i just remember that when we were doin our RH assignment we didnt have to login as root to use them, guess they changed it or ive forgotten that i did
  18. yup i was logged in as a normal user. thought that i would have access to them as im sure you do in RH9 ah well an easy one solved :P Thanks guys
  19. someone shead some light on this one then? ifconfig, routert, finger none of those commands work in the Terminal window and tell me that the command isnt found.
  20. sounds like a KDE problem possibly then? Does it run fine throught the terminal? Do you have a chance to try another drive just to check that its not your drive?
  21. ive got the 128Mb version and its just plug and play, IMO it works better than windows in linux. When you plug it in it should bring up a new drive icon on your desktop
  22. well ill see how i get on with OSX, if its pap least ill have a nice lookin laptop with a working OS in so i cant really lose can i :P
  23. thats just about the licencing, basically you cant transfere them if its a OEM licence. Dont worry about that one
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