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Mind to help again with Xplanet?


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1: copy the xplanet folder (/usr/X11R6/share/xplanet/config) to /home/<your name>/ and rename it .xplanet (that way you can tweak things as a normal user and not as root. Much better that way).


2: Go to /home/<your name>/.xplanet/config and open the default file. Go to the line: cloud_map=<and put here a path to the clouds.jpg. Mine is /home/<my name>/tmp>


3: open the cloud_download.pl script with a text editor and change the line: my $Filename = "/home/<your name>/tmp (or where you want it) /clouds.jpg";


4: open a console and type: perl dowload_clouds.pl to see if it works.


5: open kcron (have a look at the previous topic for a screenshot with an example) and add a job.


In the default file you can also add line for marker_file=<path to marker files>. Look in the marker map in .xplanet for examples or generate some with Totalmarker.


For South Africa: add this to the options in the KDE xplanet edit. --latitude 52 --longitude 4 (well this is Amsterdam but change it for where you want it). Or --random will give you random viewpoints. Read the http://xplanet.sourceforge.net/README for more options (I like --projection azimuthal very much :) )


Have fun.

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I found it after it disappeared when rename it to .xplanet from "Open Location". I assume it is supposed to become "invisible" after rename it?


I went to console and typed: perl download_clouds.pl, but it said:


Can't open perl script "download_clouds.pl": No such file or directory.


Look like I didn't success download script? :help:

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