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Two problems pertaining to mice

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Yeah, I'm a stupid helpless worthless ex-Windows user, and I have no clue how to scan a picture. I have a picture (just a regular Kodak) that I want to scan and email. I put the picture on the scanner (it's a printer/scanner/copier, pretty standard, nothing fancy) and pressed "Scan". It says that "Options not set." So my question is: how do I set options?


Second thing is: my mouse. I have a simple Logitech optical mouse. It's got a left and right button and a scroll wheel. Occasionally it jumps erratically around the screen, opening and closing applications, etc. This never happened with Windows. Is it a problem with my mouse, and should I just buy a new one, or does it have something to do with Linux?


Edit: Running Mandrake10/KDE

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Sanning: Mandrake uses Sane to scan (http://www.sane-project.org/). Use the Mandrake Control Center to configure your scanner (MCC, Hardware, Scanner). Now all you nou need is a frontend for sane. (well not really you can scan from the CLI :) ) If KDE is your desktop use use Kooka (urpmi kooka).


Mouse: it does sound like it's a hardware problem. Try pulling it's tail when it's jumping around. Or better, try another mouse to see if the jumping can be replicated. (borrow one, Don't buy a new one yet)


Good luck.

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