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font confusion [solved]


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I am a relatively new Mandrake 10.0 user. I am tinkering with my firefox user.js, and a line I have seen on the web to enable Freetype2 fonts reads:

user_pref("font.FreeType2.enable", true);


Is FreeType2 the same as truetype? Are truetype fonts installed by default? It appears I have freetype-1.3.1-21mdk, freetype-tools-1.3.1-21mdk and libfreetype6-2.1.7-4mdk installed, as these items are available for removal from MCC (I have not removed them).


Do I need to tell firefox where the FreeType2 fonts are installed when using the above user_pref?

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yupp, ttf is a type of font. there are several types of fonts, depending on what they are used for. ttf-files are usually used for "normal" use, like writing documents or browsing the web. there are other types that are e.g. especially suited for graphic design and thus not working on a pixel basis but vector basis.

almost every standard operating-system ships with true type fonts of some sort. the other formats are only needed in very special cases.

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