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Strange Keyboard issue


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Ok, this is a strange one...


I have Mandrake Linux 10.1 Community installed on my IBM Thinkpad i1400 laptop on a dual-boot with WinXP. My issue is that the M key doesn't work right in Mandrake. It works normally when I boot into XP, but when I'm in Linux I can't just tap the key and get a standard lowercase 'm'. If I hold down Shift I can get a Capital 'M', if I hit Capslock and Shift I can get a lowercase 'm', but I can't just hit the key! :angry: Mandrake installed with a generic 105 keyboard layout, and thinking it was a layout issue (might still be) I changed the keyboard to the only Thinkpad entry in the Keyboards list. No change. Tried searching the net and the forums, and the answer I keep coming up with is a layout issue. But I'd really rather not just run through all the layouts until I get one that works, simply because

A. that will take FOREVER and

B. there is a chance that I might choose a totally incompatible layout and lose keyboard functionality altogether. (which would be a bad thing.)


Has anyone else out there run into this issue yet? and can anyone else point me to a solution?


Thanks in advance,



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that is odd....


I had an issue with the @ and " being interchanged and the | not working at all but this was due to the keyboard selected for gnome not being set to the correct manufacturer and model.


Do you get the same issue in both Command Line environment and Graphical Environment or just in one?



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